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Model Documentation

Structure based (none-docking) AI model

The structure-based AI model was constructed based on GHDDI’s in-house developed HAG-net. The model is universal for all targets with 3D structures. The model was evaluated using the DUD.E benchmark set with an average AUC of 0.99; after removal of computer generated decoys, the model showed an average AUC of 0.945. The performance is based on 2 million protein-ligand interactions of over 185 protein targets. Given a target 3D structure, preferably the binding pocket with a radius of 15 Å, and screening library SMILES list as input, we are able to screen 14 million compounds per day on a single GPU, saving over 1000 times of computational cost compared to traditional docking tools. The model output is a probability distribution between 0 and 1 where a predicted value closer to 1 predicts a greater probability of docking.