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Our mission is open to all researchers and care for all patients. Our methodology is based on the principle of patient-centered translational medicine research, using multi-stage, multi-disciplinary and multi-scale biomedical big data, aiming at drug design and R&D strategy optimization, to establish a flexible and integrated artificial intelligence system. Using advanced data integration technology and artificial intelligence algorithms, it aims to build an information and decision-making bridge on the translational gaps of drug discovery and development at all stages. We hope to improve the success rate of drug pipeline and meet the unmet clinical needs by establishing an effective iteration between experimental and computational sciences.

A small molecule screening and designing platform leveraging multiscale AI modeling of binding assays, enzymatic assays, cellular assays, tissue assays, and pharmacogenomics data as well as de novo design capabilities.Please check our current free release including COVID-19, ADMET, etc…..


Small Molecule Drug Discovery

An integrated therapeutic protein computational workflow for in silico affinity maturation, immunogenicity prediction, and thermostability prediction to systematically optimize the therapeutic window of antibodies and other biological therapeutics.(under development)


Biologics Discovery Platform

A set of natural language processing tools and workflows featuring one click text mining for domain knowledge such as quantitative assays results, disease-gene association analysis, and patent searches.Please check our current applications: COVID-19 preclinical studies , COVID-19 publication feeds


Scientific Intelligence NLP Platform

A data-driven analytic workflow to support drug target identification and prioritization, facilitate disease mechanism understanding, and recommend personalized treatment plans by leveraging biological big data, advanced AI, and bioinformatics techniques.(under development)


Precision Medicine Platform

A systematic utilization of biomedical big data and advanced AI engineering to revolutionize drug discovery. The system has automatically trained thousands of AI predictive models for drug design and scientific decision support.


AI System For Next Generation Drug Discovery

Our Current Free Release including COVID-19, ADMET, etc…..
GHDDI's Free AI Virtual Screening Service for COVID-19
GHDDI's Free ADMET Prediction Service
GHDDI's Free Structure based Prediction Service
GHDDI's Free Large Scale Biochemical AI Matrix Dashboard

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